The High Protein, Moderate Carb Plan is a calorie counted meal plan made for those who do extensive workout/training and need an extra boost of protein. The plan is designed by a registered in-house Sports Nutritionist Dietitian to be effective and safe.



Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 2 snacks (Good for 1-day meal)

Macro-nutrient distribution: 50% Carbs | 20% Protein | 30% Fat

We deliver meals from Monday to Friday. Our High Protein, Moderate Carb Plans are delivered either the night before between 6:30-9PM or in the morning between 5-8:30AM. (Availability and exact time frame will depend on your location)


NOTE: Minimum of 3 Days Order (3 in Quantity)


IMPORTANT: cut off of orders will be 12nn the day before the start of your delivery.


For inquiries you can call or message us at:

Mobile - 0956 284 1962 (Globe) | 0920 978 8618 (Smart)

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High Protein, Moderate Carb Meals