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Daily’s Diet is a whole team that is behind you in your journey to reach your desired body and your desired weight.

Headed by culinary & nutrition experts with over 30 years in the food industry and over 10 years in the nutrition industry. When it comes to your health, experience like Daily’s, matters!

At Daily’s, we believe that a proper diet is more than just calorie counting!

Note that not all calories are created equal! There is also such a thing called, empty calories. Calories that we consume with very little nutritional value, they possess virtually no dietary fiber, amino acids, antioxidants, dietary minerals or vitamins. (perfect example; sugar, fats & butter). Eating 400 calories of fresh fruits & salad is very different from eating 400 calories of butter & sugar filled donuts.

Also, 400 calories of apples, (8 large apples) would seem like a feast and a challenge to finish, while 400 calories (1 piece) of sugar & butter filled donuts might not even tingle your tummy.

At Daily’s, we not only count the calories we also properly balance our meals, putting into consideration the right amount of vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy, and good fats, that our body needs,

as well as its proper distribution throughout the day for people to stay healthy and feel surprisingly full!