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pre and post
natal meal plan

The pre- and post- natal meal plan is designed for pregnant and lactating women who wish to gain optimal nutrition for a safe, happy, and healthy pregnancy or lactation. This meal plan provides the appropriate and adequate energy and nutrients to ensure that the baby grows and develops normally while also ensuring that the mother’s needs are also met. Try this now to enjoy the nourishing meals for you and your little one!

In this program, you will:

  • Undergo a science-based nutrition assessment

  • Know your current nutritional status

  • Be able to set individualized weight and nutrition goals

  • Receive calorie counted meals that will support and nourish you and your growing baby

  • Be able to eat food items with nutrients that are essential for pregnancy and lactation

  • Have unlimited nutrition consultation with our Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian

  • Get exclusive access to Nutricoach app

  • Be able to track and monitor your eating habits, food and water intake, physical activity, weight and more with the use of the Nutricoach app

  • Receive food recommendations and guidelines from our Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian

  • Get a client progress report at the end of your subscription

To start your healthy journey with us, choose how many days you'd like to order below

Starts at P1,455

Starts at P1,940

Starts at P2,425

Starts at P9,118 Save up to P798

Starts at P18,042 Save up to P1,862

Starts at P26,481 Save up to P3,591

Additional 50% off on areas with delivery fee

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