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Rosemarie G.

Ainrand u.

Melissa C.

So far I see variety of meat, fish and vegetables combination including combination of fruits, crepes and other new meals and snack introduced. Just keep it up. I'm enjoying those meals so far and would like to order again next week. Thanks!

Out of all the food subscriptions I tried, yours is what I liked the most as it has a variety of sweet to savory which refreshes my palate. 

Your food tastes amazing! Been wanting to post on IG about it but I only remember after I finished eating

Dexter t.

Masarap po chicken katsudon at tofu steak , we enjoyed them 🙂

dindi c.

Pesto and the salmon are perfect match! Hope to see these more often on the Family menu.

Cyrus M.

Sakto breakfast was craving for tacos 😂 food tastes good!! Nice customer service as well :))  Will definitely recommend to others.

anna b.

Philip g.

stephanie k.

I told my friends kayo best service out of all the diets I tried. Kayo pinaka maalaga sa client!

Hi. would just want to commend the sauce for your buffalo cream cheese pin wheel in today's snack. It's yummy and seems to be a flexible sauce for day to day dishes.

Just wanted to say sarap ng food! parang better pa then when I was ordering back in 2016, also the serving size saktong sakto for me.

Abie r.

Super happy w your service btw :) and always yummy the food! thanks!

lizzie m.

Sobrang sarap ng food nio. enjoyable ung diet :) 

tried a lot of diet meal plans,

pero food nio talaga the best :)

Michelle A.

Hello, I just want to say that your Cheesy Baked Squid Ink Risotto is to die for!

daniel D.

marian c.

Erik Paolo E.

Hello. I think more than the weight or nutritional goal, it is the convenience of having delicious food delivered to me that's the reason why I have been booked for quite some time. I trust your nutritionist that what they prepare are good for my health. Thanks.

Thank you for the follow up and so far we are enjoying the program :) I'm also considering availing of the balanced diet instead of the medical one but still with the same calories for weight maintenance. Maybe after the next week. Thank you so much for the delicious food and support :)

Thanks to Daily's I've been able to keep myself from getting overweight during the pandemic, so your meals have been very helpful in making sure I get the right intake of protein and veggies, which I really appreciate. Definitely will keep booking you guys while I can afford it :)

Jacy M.

ANgel m.

cristina d.

I had my laboratory blood chemistry tests done today. My results were all in the normal range. Thank you to your team for keeping me healthy for the past three months. I'm not even on medical diet but still my results came out normal. The food you've been serving has been a big part of this. Thank you so much! God bless!

Hi Daily's diet, I would like to say that the food has been great and delicious! It has only been two days, but I have been satisfied with my diet so far. 

I wanted to let you know, me and all my friends tried Daily's for the first time this week and we're blown away. All the meals are absolutely delicious.

Tine C.

Max G.

Junabel M.

Gusto ko lang sabihin na grabe super sarap po ng pagkain nyo d ko po ramdam na nakadiet!!!

Food is delicious as usual so we'd like to make sure we've paid 💖

Day one done! And I just want to say from all the diet meal plan I tried, yours is by far the best! Kahit yung salad kanina nasurprise ako masarap and nabusog pa rin ako. Yung gising gising dinner ang sarap sobra. Nagdududa na nga ako kung diet food pa ba to kasi sobrang srap talaga. Haha unlike yung iba kasi ramdam mo bawat kain sa food nila na diet food talaga e. Haha Thank you so much!

Junabel R.

Paula R.

Rumielle A.

Everythings great. So far I havent had any meal that I didnt like. and I am really picky eater but really loved everything so far! From all the diet food the I have tried yours is by far the best!

I appreciate that the food comes early in the morning for me. Food tastes awesome as always.

The food is amazing and very well prepared! I just received the next week's menu today and I'll definitely be ordering again next week ☺

Ayra B.

Danielle O.

Jamie G.

I truly enjoyed your menu this week. I appreciate the food remaining savory even though we're counting calories. I have a lot of favorites.

Super love the food - filling and worth the buy 💖💖

I just wanna say with all the meal prep service I had. You are by far the best. The carefully prepared selection to address our dietary and emotional needs, the packaging the play of flavors, totally worth it.

Gianina C.

Jay A.

Karen H.

All the food this month was so good and we were very impressed with the menu. Yes we will order again for next week. Thank you!

 Thank you! We're very happy naman with the food and the hypertensive one in particular has helped us a lot.

Just want to thank you for the excellent food and service you always bring. You're the best meal provider our household has tried and I can feel the effort and thought you put into every food container. May God bless you to overflowing for helping people so well through carefully prepared food!

Samantha H.

Adrian A.

Michel A.

If I were to rate Daily's Diet, I'm definitely giving it 5 stars! This is my first time to try out a diet delivery service, and I am very satisfied. It also helped with weight and health goal, I feel lighter and more energetic. And despite being in a calorie deficit, my workouts are still maneagable. Thank you, Daily's Diet!

Just received the meal for tomorrow. Thank you! Masarap siya so far compared sa meal providers ko noon.

Thank you! Always love Dailys! Since 2020 

Aldea C.

Gina P.

Jing P.

We loved the and its convenient for us since we both have day jobs hihi.

Your food/menu is awesome. Thats why I keep on ordering it.

Your food is delicious, your service is very good! Thank you.

Shiela D.

Ercielyn M.

Ken B.

On top of the delicious food, thank you for the variety of taste.... I dont feel deprive even if the calories is only 1200. I can taste diefferent flavor of meals without the fear that Im beyond my diet limit. I appreciate that you provide an update if the delivery is delayed. Most importantly ypu never fail to give me my food and I always look forward to my next meal nowing its delicious. Thank you

Grabe, sarap tlga ng food ninyo! 🥰🥰🥰 parang hndi diet meal 🤣  Hindi nagbabago, sarap parin. Kahit more than 6months ako hndi nag order. Grabe! Sarap haha

Just wanted to say I've been using another meal plan delivery service for the last 5 years but they had cleanliness and sanitary issues, and I recently decided to switch to Daily's. Really happy with Daily's and will keep getting my meals form you guys

Lyndon A.

Imelda T.

Adrian A.

Hi Daily Diet. Sobrang sarap tlga ng pgakain niyo! la akong masabe maski popcorn haha 

I like your food lately. There's variety and may sauces so as it will not be dry. Also there's always salad

Just received the meal for tomorrow. Thank you! Masarap siya compared sa meal providers ko noon :))

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